Let’s talk about the HP W2072 LED monitor.  This 20 inch monitor consists of all the features a 20 inch monitor has for a very low price.  It contains 1 VGA, 1 DVI and 1 3.5 mm Audio in line., which if you are a gamer you will most likely not use, due to having your headset; but this is a huge plus for enterprises. It also comes prepared with a 75 mm x 75 mm  threats to screw the monitors to your favorite mount.

I purchased this monitor recently for my 3x PC surround setup, it fitted all my needs without a heavy price tag, and even know its not 1080p (since the standard for 20″is 1600×900) i really did not mind the small difference.


You won’t see the traditional White vs dark pixels, viewing angle, mumbo jumbo here., there’s more than enough reviews like that out there.  I love to take a different approach, a view nobody else takes in stuff that might help, or not, others; I’m looking at the device design itself.

The PRO’s:

The dimensions and weight:

The 20″ monitor itself has an average to thin width that is commonly found on modern LED monitors.  Its nor razor thin like some want, yet it maintains a professional look.

The weight of the device, which is around 8 pounds, is properly distributed on the device, this means that when mounting the device you wont need to tight the screws extra side since it wont tilt as other non balanced monitors.

The base it self has a very solid and tight connection which is good at some point, we are talking as in you will need a tool to remove the base from the device it self.


Depending on your patience you might be able to grab this device for a small price tag of $90.00 with free shipping.

Features:  Vesa Certified, Audio in, DVI?   seems like a great deal to me.

The Cons:

The monitor suffers one huge flaw:

The inputs are too close to the vesa mount location.  Now you might ask, why do you buy a 75 -100 vesa and not just a 75mm?  Well there are no 75mm from a trustworthy company that just offers 75mm holes mount,  Vesa mount are a universal standard and the more ground they cover the better, therefore for maybe a cople extra cents of raw material companies can provide a 75/100 mm mount that will reach a wider audience.

What happens when the Vesa is to close to the inputs?
See yourself:


Literary your Audio input gets completely covered  by the mount ( i tried with 2 different brands), and with this particular mount arm, it also interferes with the DVI, if I wanted to remove the DVI cable I have to remove the Mount adapter since they overlap each other.

I attempted to explain this to HP and got this reply:

Here are my answers to your concern and my recommendations, 

1.  As I checked the specification of the HP W2072a 20-inch Diagonal LED Backlit LCD Monitor, it shows that it has a standard 4 hole pattern 75mm screw-mounting option and the pedestal is removable. Please refer to the link below

I tried explaining that I understood they had a 75mm x 75mm VESA holes, yet they could not understand that there are no mounts, they suggested visiting other retailers.  Which I ended up asking for any suggestions, all which I had already checked (and was on the email history).

The veredict:

The monitors features are nice and it is a great monitor for single monitor setup specially in the business environment, you wont need to worry about speakers for your employees and the price tag is among one of the best of its category.

But when we enter the gaming atmosphere the approach is another.  If your going 3x+ setup you are better with IPS monitors (since there’s a higher angle view fidelity), even know I do not have issues with this setup it does not mean you won’t.

If you are really worried about the audio line input when mounted; Pass this, and get a monitor that has the inputs far from the vesa holes (most will have it in the bottom panel), this way you have less chances of overlapping or blocking your inputs


PC gamers are always claiming that the their environment is just an investment that you will recover from buying games at ridiculous low prices. But many console owners can't justify spending almost twice as much for a similar system. So who is right or wrong? Now let’s set some facts straight before we continue.

  • First we are only listing pre-built system from MAJOR retailers, average Joe who is 47 knows about the companies buried deep in the PC gaming culture such as Falcon NorthWest, OriginPC, Maingear, etc and neither that he have the time or ability to build his own system
  • Second, we are considering the average Lifespan of a console 5-6 years.
  • Third, we will be considering basic functions such as online playing, Voice Chat, backward compatibility among others.
  • Fourth Terms will be kept on legal terms; Piracy will not be encouraged in this report.
  • Finally the system must have similar specs.
The computer: As stated earlier we will be using a PC you can walk in an order in a major retailer, yes we all know that if you can build it yourself or get a friend to do it you will have a way better system for the same amount of cash but we are not considering that variable for now. The system we will be using is an Ibuypower prebuilt system from BestBuy. At the moment of this report it has a price tag of $599.99. To be fair we will need to adjust the price of the system of what it might cost close to the new consoles release date. I was able to find this same model with the same part while using from a date of February 2013 for a price tag of $659.99. In other words the systems price got reduced by $59.99 in 5 months, after adjusting tthe system for a future price we can assume a price of $540.00. We will also need to buy peripherals, consider a laser gaming mouse $11.40 and a mechanical keyboard $44.11 from Assuming you do not currently possess a monitor a decent 23" with 1080p resolution will set you back an extra $140, after including Shipping and handling we can estimate the total value close to $740.00 The SPECS: IbuyPower: Gamer Extreme BB631D3 AMD Quad-Core FX-4100 Zambezi Processor 8GB DDR3 SDRAM 500GB Serial ATA II hard drive (7200 rpm) AMD Radeon HD 7770 graphics The Science behind the numbers: As you can see the difference between the devices is a mere $340and $240 between the PS4 and Xbox One respectively. We will have many variables here, and will refer to many sites and applications, especially for PC gaming. And all the data must be tractable and reliable. What you won’t see in this section is the time factor and features. Also “trade- ins” will not be considered for this analysis. We will counter the free games from Sony and Microsoft with the PC’s Free to Play mode such as Hawken and LOL. You can always consult: www.F2p to see the list of free games in PC/consoles and a review form several users. Lowest game price for games:PriceComparisonChart * Note Witcher 2 is not a PS3 title but friends requested to add it, we price match xbox. Price comparisonWe can obtain from the data acquired that the average cost of a Xbox 360 games are 34.46% higher and the PS3’s are 32.09% compared to PC, Remember this are estimates and a much precise number can be obtained if more titles are input. Also remember that this are the lowest price recorded in history between all sources. Now keep in mind this does not include Bundles (often seen in PC such as Border Lands 2 + Season pass for $13.49), nor coupons gotten from stores or special sales. Your best bet to get games at this prices is to follow major retailers on Facebook and twitter to see when they have sales. Also currently all systems have voice communication available for free, in PC you have several options these include: Steam party chat, Razer Comms, and Raidcall. Whats the right choice? You have basically seen lot of numbers graphs and way to many paragraphs. But there’s one variable I have not mentioned and that is online playing cost. PC gaming online is free (unless you play an MMO) vs $50 a year that next gen consoles will be charging (except for several Free to play titles such as Warframe that confirm that it will be free). If we add up the cost of 5 years of online play ($250) the Xbox one will already be a price match for the system just considering that variable and the PS4 will need to match a 15 titles in savings to match that difference. So essentially we end up paying the same amount of money for the systems in in 5 years due to this we can safely say “In the long rung PC gaming is worth every penny”, but the problem here is possessing the “pennies” (approximately between 138-167 pounds of pennies depending on their composition). Also remember that this calculations are based on games weeks/months after they are release, if you are the kind of person that loves buying game son day 1 you might not be able to recover your investment. Price with online The decision ends in your hands, Would you rather pay more up front and are you patient with game releases? Do you only want a system to play offline? Will you be buying only AAA titles on day one? Answering these question will determine what system is the proper for you. I personally have a triple monitor desktop setup with a NVidia GTX 680 ($400 card). Yet I also have expect to buy a PS4 in the future. I enjoy both platforms and at the end it depends on what type of game I want to play and if I rather play alone or with my wife. Sources: (amazon database), Gamestop, Bestbuy, Steam, is, enhancedsteam app, GOG, CAG, Greenmangaming, Gamers Gate. [polldaddy poll=7265961]


The amount of PC cases offered in non-traditional colors (colors other than black) has been increasing on a steady pace.  New designs and lighting approach the market every day and the form factor keeps getting smaller and more efficient, we are up to the point of mini-ITX systems with dual GTX titans and what more that I’m not aware of yet.  Computers are getting smaller and more efficient and so are their cases.  Shortly after a loss of my ASUS G74 Laptop y decided to go back to a desktop. I grabbed my components and then came the hardest decision a decent entry level pricing computer case able to withhold an 8 core processor and a mid-range graphic card, as well as 3 HDD/SSD’s.  I did my research as always, spend hours deciding what to buy to make “a perfect choice” and I chose the Thermaltake commander – Snow.

I always wanted a white computer case with Blue L.E.D’s and for $50 a “gaming case” already prepared for this specs I hit the Jackpot or Did I? First we have to look at some of the details of this case:

-No screws required for either the 5.25 or 3.5 bays.
-Bottom mounts for the Power supply.
-Fan Filter for the Power Supply.
-Side Panel Fan
-Front bays is meshed (better airflow for un-used bays)
-Liquid Cooling orifices in the back (for external mounting)

After I received the case I quickly assembled my PC, and it was working like a Charm.  I added a fan in the front of the case to improve airflow while gaming.  Now the 8 core cpu was running a bit two hot which cause the CPU fan to be noisy, and I’m not a big fan of noises while playing I want to concentrate on my games sound and not the buzzing next to me.  Now this is not the cases fault, I was still using the stock fan which was not as powerful as I wanted plus it was mid-summer. Luckily for me close loop liquid coolers went on sale and I snagged one for $35, this is when the problems started. I notice the case while having a small profile it had design flaws, give or take it needed ¼” to ½” of additional space on the top of the case.  I called  Thermaltake and informed that their product was faulty and I could not fit my Close loop radiator/fan In the system, and as a matter of fact once I attempted to put a fan on the top fan grills it would also get “too close” to the ram locking mechanism.  Thermaltake informed me that this was a known issue and they were creating an adapter (shown below) for customers who were experiencing the issue, he also pointed me out to some great 125×12.5 fans that would not interfere with my RAM, he apologize and explained that it was impossible for them to test all possible Motherboard layouts, which I take as a fact. The part took an approximate 3 months to be delivered and once I got it, the radiator fit like a champ.  While the fan, I never ordered it, in fact I ended up using the case as a mod test. And removed the top grills and inserted Star wars fan grill with filters, I also replaced the from 5.25” bays with a star wars plate.  Image

The good and bad:

This case is possibly one of the most “bang for your buck” cases if you grab it on sale it has decent airflow and plenty of space internally for plenty of your drives, but if you are an enthusiast or want to build a solid power system I would recommend spending a couple dollars more and staying away for high-end systems:

Final verdict:  

Good for low/to mid-low systems and new technology (Haswell and colder running GPU’s), but stay out of its way if you’re looking to have multiple GPU’s, and expect to Overclock your system.