HP W2072a 20″ LED Review

Let’s talk about the HP W2072 LED monitor.  This 20 inch monitor consists of all the features a 20 inch monitor has for a very low price.  It contains 1 VGA, 1 DVI and 1 3.5 mm Audio in line., which if you are a gamer you will most likely not use, due to having your headset; but this is a huge plus for enterprises. It also comes prepared with a 75 mm x 75 mm  threats to screw the monitors to your favorite mount.

I purchased this monitor recently for my 3x PC surround setup, it fitted all my needs without a heavy price tag, and even know its not 1080p (since the standard for 20″is 1600×900) i really did not mind the small difference.


You won’t see the traditional White vs dark pixels, viewing angle, mumbo jumbo here., there’s more than enough reviews like that out there.  I love to take a different approach, a view nobody else takes in stuff that might help, or not, others; I’m looking at the device design itself.

The PRO’s:

The dimensions and weight:

The 20″ monitor itself has an average to thin width that is commonly found on modern LED monitors.  Its nor razor thin like some want, yet it maintains a professional look.

The weight of the device, which is around 8 pounds, is properly distributed on the device, this means that when mounting the device you wont need to tight the screws extra side since it wont tilt as other non balanced monitors.

The base it self has a very solid and tight connection which is good at some point, we are talking as in you will need a tool to remove the base from the device it self.


Depending on your patience you might be able to grab this device for a small price tag of $90.00 with free shipping.

Features:  Vesa Certified, Audio in, DVI?   seems like a great deal to me.

The Cons:

The monitor suffers one huge flaw:

The inputs are too close to the vesa mount location.  Now you might ask, why do you buy a 75 -100 vesa and not just a 75mm?  Well there are no 75mm from a trustworthy company that just offers 75mm holes mount,  Vesa mount are a universal standard and the more ground they cover the better, therefore for maybe a cople extra cents of raw material companies can provide a 75/100 mm mount that will reach a wider audience.

What happens when the Vesa is to close to the inputs?
See yourself:


Literary your Audio input gets completely covered  by the mount ( i tried with 2 different brands), and with this particular mount arm, it also interferes with the DVI, if I wanted to remove the DVI cable I have to remove the Mount adapter since they overlap each other.

I attempted to explain this to HP and got this reply:

Here are my answers to your concern and my recommendations, 

1.  As I checked the specification of the HP W2072a 20-inch Diagonal LED Backlit LCD Monitor, it shows that it has a standard 4 hole pattern 75mm screw-mounting option and the pedestal is removable. Please refer to the link below

I tried explaining that I understood they had a 75mm x 75mm VESA holes, yet they could not understand that there are no mounts, they suggested visiting other retailers.  Which I ended up asking for any suggestions, all which I had already checked (and was on the email history).

The veredict:

The monitors features are nice and it is a great monitor for single monitor setup specially in the business environment, you wont need to worry about speakers for your employees and the price tag is among one of the best of its category.

But when we enter the gaming atmosphere the approach is another.  If your going 3x+ setup you are better with IPS monitors (since there’s a higher angle view fidelity), even know I do not have issues with this setup it does not mean you won’t.

If you are really worried about the audio line input when mounted; Pass this, and get a monitor that has the inputs far from the vesa holes (most will have it in the bottom panel), this way you have less chances of overlapping or blocking your inputs


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