ThermalTake Commander – Snow- Review


The amount of PC cases offered in non-traditional colors (colors other than black) has been increasing on a steady pace.  New designs and lighting approach the market every day and the form factor keeps getting smaller and more efficient, we are up to the point of mini-ITX systems with dual GTX titans and what more that I’m not aware of yet.  Computers are getting smaller and more efficient and so are their cases.  Shortly after a loss of my ASUS G74 Laptop y decided to go back to a desktop. I grabbed my components and then came the hardest decision a decent entry level pricing computer case able to withhold an 8 core processor and a mid-range graphic card, as well as 3 HDD/SSD’s.  I did my research as always, spend hours deciding what to buy to make “a perfect choice” and I chose the Thermaltake commander – Snow.

I always wanted a white computer case with Blue L.E.D’s and for $50 a “gaming case” already prepared for this specs I hit the Jackpot or Did I? First we have to look at some of the details of this case:

-No screws required for either the 5.25 or 3.5 bays.
-Bottom mounts for the Power supply.
-Fan Filter for the Power Supply.
-Side Panel Fan
-Front bays is meshed (better airflow for un-used bays)
-Liquid Cooling orifices in the back (for external mounting)

After I received the case I quickly assembled my PC, and it was working like a Charm.  I added a fan in the front of the case to improve airflow while gaming.  Now the 8 core cpu was running a bit two hot which cause the CPU fan to be noisy, and I’m not a big fan of noises while playing I want to concentrate on my games sound and not the buzzing next to me.  Now this is not the cases fault, I was still using the stock fan which was not as powerful as I wanted plus it was mid-summer. Luckily for me close loop liquid coolers went on sale and I snagged one for $35, this is when the problems started. I notice the case while having a small profile it had design flaws, give or take it needed ¼” to ½” of additional space on the top of the case.  I called  Thermaltake and informed that their product was faulty and I could not fit my Close loop radiator/fan In the system, and as a matter of fact once I attempted to put a fan on the top fan grills it would also get “too close” to the ram locking mechanism.  Thermaltake informed me that this was a known issue and they were creating an adapter (shown below) for customers who were experiencing the issue, he also pointed me out to some great 125×12.5 fans that would not interfere with my RAM, he apologize and explained that it was impossible for them to test all possible Motherboard layouts, which I take as a fact. The part took an approximate 3 months to be delivered and once I got it, the radiator fit like a champ.  While the fan, I never ordered it, in fact I ended up using the case as a mod test. And removed the top grills and inserted Star wars fan grill with filters, I also replaced the from 5.25” bays with a star wars plate.  Image

The good and bad:

This case is possibly one of the most “bang for your buck” cases if you grab it on sale it has decent airflow and plenty of space internally for plenty of your drives, but if you are an enthusiast or want to build a solid power system I would recommend spending a couple dollars more and staying away for high-end systems:

Final verdict:  

Good for low/to mid-low systems and new technology (Haswell and colder running GPU’s), but stay out of its way if you’re looking to have multiple GPU’s, and expect to Overclock your system.


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